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Workshop are hosted by external partners to foster interactive exchange with experts from numerous industries and offer a deep-dive into a variety of startup-related topics.

Input Sessions

Experienced entrepreneurs share their insights and learnings as founders. They inspire our Fellows by giving hands-on advice and practical tips on how to build successful businesses.

VC Office hours

Our Fellows have the opportunity to pitch in front of professional VCs as part of their preparation and receive valuable feedback on their startups and business models.

Courses at the University of St. Gallen

Participants expand their business knowledge by taking classes at the university of St. Gallen, one of the leading business universities in Europe. 




The building part of the START Fellowship program is the lengthiest one. During both stages of the program (online and offline) this is the time you must devote to really work on your startup and product development.

The selected Fellows for the offline program will have access to office space as well as to resources & materials fully provided by our program in Switzerland.

To tailor the program to your specific needs, your progress will be tracked and measured through coaching sessions, workshops and tracking meetings.

Mentoring & Coaching

Our mentoring program connects each Fellow with a suitable mentor. They meet on a regular basis to ensure personal growth and the development of the Fellows' entrepreneurial skills. As all of our mentors are successful founders themselves, they gained a wide range of valuable experience and hard learnings which they to pass on to the Fellows - the next generation of entrepreneurs.




The START Fellowship offers it's participants program a variety of exclusive networking opportunities. 

The Goal is to connect our Fellows with industry leading partners, Venture Capital Funds, Business Angels and other potential investors and partners in Switzerland, Europe and their home countries through networking events, VC office hours and much more.

Different networking elements are:
START Summit, Mentoring program, START Chapters across Europe, regular exchange with successful entrepreneurs and workshop partners, as well as coaching sessions with experts and professionals.


We are convinced that our program only serves as the appropriate launchpad for our startups. Therefore, we continue to support our alumni Fellows even after the program. Enjoy continuous access to valuable resources, such as Cloud Credits or join our Fellowship Alumni Network to stay in touch with other founders from past and future Fellowship generations. Additionally, thanks to our extensive partner network, you will have easier and faster access to join other accelerator and incubator programs, such as DayOne Accelerator and Plug and Play.