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Road to mvp

Do you want to be coached by leaders from the European ecosystem and receive all the insight about the creation of a MVP? Then this program is made for you. By joining our Road to MVP, you will be guided to develop a strong MVP. If you are interested, apply now. The spots are limited to allow for individuality.



for this year the application are closed 


Who can Apply?


icons8-check-mark-48 (1)  Anyone eligible for the START Fellowship program. 
  Check there


icons8-check-mark-48 (1)

  Currently missing an MVP or prototype for your startup


icons8-check-mark-48 (1)  Max. 1 co-founder per startup 






Commitment & Expectations


icons8-check-mark-48 (1)   1 h of workshops per week 


icons8-check-mark-48 (1)

   Working time on the side to apply your learnings and
   develop your MVP or prototype 


icons8-check-mark-48 (1)  Preparation for a final shot paper and pitch deck,
  presenting your journey throughout the workshop:
         from the initial stage until your final result 






What do you need to apply?


icons8-check-mark-48 (1)   Motivational letter: You need to explain what your motivation is to participate in the Road to MVP and why you would
   like to participate. (max 1 page)


icons8-check-mark-48 (1)

   University documents: grade transcript and proof of your matriculation at a partner uni 


icons8-check-mark-48 (1)   Pitch Video: the goal of this video is for you to create a small video (not more than 3 min) where you describe and
   present your idea. Videos longer than 3 min. will not be considered. 


icons8-check-mark-48 (1)

   Reflection paper: Expression of your thoughts, opinions, and feelings about a problem that our society faces and that
   is linked to your startup idea (max 1 page). You would have to answer the following questions:

What happened that made you start thinking of this problem?
What are your thoughts and feelings about this problem?
What were your initial reactions to this problem?